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Over 18 projects are completed in a short span of 7 years to fulfill the aspirations of demanding clients. All our projects are lifestyle environments that ooze sophistication, futuristic planning, great finishing and of course, a delight that goes with them.

Planning the perfect home calls for the finest minds in architecture, infrastructure planning, engineering and design. Partnering with Amigo Shelters, these associates have pooled their talent and expertise to create homes like no other.

Amigo Shelters is acknowledged as the leader in Real Estate business. With a "dream" to create resplendent & affordable homes, it has established with a clear vision to transform the way people perceive quality in the real estate sector in India. Amigo Shelters has always strived for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct, which have contributed in making it a desirable real estate brand in Bangalore.

Amigo Shelters Private Limited is a Bangalore based real estate enterprise, started in 1998 and driven by belief in building aspirations and fulfiling them. This is magnified in the 5 million sq.ft. that has developed and sold till date. Indeed, customers with fulfilled aspirations across thirty one projects is a paradigm in itself.

Amigo Shelters Private Limited, designs and develops quality living spaces and operates in niche residential segments and apartments in Bangalore.

Amigo Shelters Private Limited, is run by a young management team. It is on an aggressive growth path with expansion plans in Bangalore. The company holds high quality construction as its mission and vision. The company pride itself on its ability to consistently provide the best in terms of quality, perfection and unique customer relationship management.

Buying your dream home can be one of the most important decisions in your life. AMIGO Shelters offers its clients the personal touch to convert these dreams into a reality.

■  We aim to achieve the best possible price for your home no matter what the market conditions are.

■  We believe it essential to build a relationship with our buyers.

■  Once a sale is agreed, we then coordinate at every stage of progress of construction of the building until the customer is fully satisfied.

■  We employ and entrust the jobs only to the competent and highly qualified and experienced personnel to ensure quality at all levels.

Do you aspire to own a home of your own? Contact us today and let us show you just how attainable this milestone can be.